Stage III 2020


1. Test of the stability and homogeneity over time of synthesized GO and rGO suspensions/dispersions
2. Optimization of the synthesis route and production of best performing rGO-silico-phosphate films/bulk composite materials
3. Optimization of the fabrication route for preparation of functionalized GO/rGO
4. Optimization of the fabrication parameters for GO/rGO films
5. Investigations of optical limiting functionality of GO/rGO suspensions
6. Investigation of optical limiting functionality of silico-phosphate GO/rGO composite films
7. Investigation of optical limiting functionality of bulk silico-phosphate GO/rGO composite materials
8. Optical limiting functionality of GO/rGO films
9. Investigation of laser induced damage in the best performing synthesized materials, under the action of high-power laser beams
10. Prototyping of optomechanical parts integrated into workable system
11. Testing and characterization of limiter optical device demonstrator in operation


Report on :
• Development of well dispersed GO and/or rGO in organic media
• Development of sol-gel derived SiO2P2O5 glass composites with GO/rGO
• Fabrication and characterization of GO/rGO thin film onto glass substrate
• Evaluation of nonlinear optical properties
• Design, demonstration and testing of the prototype device


• Patent request A/90/21.02.2020 “Integrated electronic device for optical limiting of laser beam intensity”, Authors: Dumitru Ulieru, Ileana Cristina Vasiliu, Adrian Petris
• “Graphene Oxide-Based Silico-Phosphate Composite Films for Optical Limiting of Ultrashort Near-Infrared Laser Pulses” Petris Adrian, Vasiliu Ileana Cristina, Gheorghe Petronela, Iordache Ana Maria, Ionel Laura, Rusen Laurentiu, Iordache Stefan, Elisa Mihai, Trusca Roxana, Ulieru Dumitru, Etemadi Samaneh, Wendelbo Rune, Yang Juan, Thorshaug Knut, NANOMATERIALS, Vol 10 (9), Article Number: 1638, DOI: 10.3390/nano10091638, Published: SEP 2020